Much to my surprise, there was a Wii waiting for me when I got home tonight.  Yesterday ebgames said my order would ship September 14, but the darn thing was already at home today.  If I knew it was that easy, I would have ordered one a long time ago.

Since this is for the kids (technically that is what I told my wife) I have to wait until Christmas before I can give it a go.  After all, Santa is going to place it under the tree.  Let me go on the record and say that there is a hell of a long haul between now and Christmas.  How can I have a new system for 90+ days and not even check it out … “just to make sure it works.”  My wife would string me up if I just decided “Happy Columbus Day” or some such.  Of course the kids would get over it, but I would have to endure the life of a monk.  Thanks, but no thanks.

I still think I am going to have to figure out a way to check things out.  Just to make sure the Wii works.  And if a little Madden gets in the way, so much the better.  After all, it is my duty to make sure the kids are not disappointed Christmas morning.  How else will I know if the thing is busted?


2 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. Geez, I know PS3 is lacking games but they’re starting to come out a little bit.

    At least worth rentals.

    I played the PS3 demo of Virtua Tennis. Liked it better than the Wii sports one, because it had real players for one thing.

    Would pick it up or wait for Top Spin if it had online, maybe multiplayer online so you can have 4 consoles connected for doubles.

    NHL 08 supports up to 3 vs. 3 games from 6 consoles.

    Non-sports games like Warhawk and Heavenly Sword have gotten good reviews.

    But it’s nice to give an Xmas gift that you can enjoy. 😉

  2. wco81 – You have it all wrong. I am not giving up on the PS3. Have not played it a lot lately, but that is because I have been distracted with some other things.

    The Wii really is for the kids, but of course I will have to give it a go. I plan to set it up in the kids room, but I do want to see how Madden and a few others play.

    The anticipation comes in because I have a brand new system that I want to check out, but I cannot because it is a Christmas present for the kids.

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