88, 500K, $100 million, done

Plenty to write about today, but I am going to summarize.

Dale Earnhardt Jr will drive the No. 88 car.  This is a pretty good move.  Junior gets to stick with the 8 theme, Bush already owns the No. 88 in the Bush series, and the 88 has Cup Championship pedigree.

Belichick got off relatively easy, with a 500K fine (or about 10% of his salary).  The loss of draft picks is hardly a punishment since the Patriots already have a stockpile for the 2008 draft.  Some cheaters always win.

By now everyone following the spy-gate crap in F1 knows that McLaren was fined an unprecedented $100 million and expelled from the 2007 constructors’ championship.  That is a lot of cabbage.  The biggest surprise for me was the implication of Alonso, who has not been penalized because he received immunity for his testimony.  Pretty crazy stuff.

Greg Oden is done before he started.  Not even sure what to say about this one.  Unreal.


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