Wii Cometh

Last night I preordered the kids a Wii Play Bundle from ebgames.  I know that I have been anti-bundles, but in this case, I did not have to order anything extra (i.e. no crap games and accessories), and I only ordered what I wanted.

My wife and I decided that the kids needed (yes, *needed*) a Wii for Christmas, which means that in a few months I will have something new to write about, and more importantly play.  I would not have done the preorder deal, but I have not seen a Wii in store for months, and these days, I am feeling much too old to do the stand in line thing.

For $349.96 plus shipping and tax (which really means $402.26) I got a Nintendo Wii system (including a remote controller, nunchuck, and stand), Wii Play (which includes a Wii remote), a Wii Memory SD 2.0GB, and a second Nunchuck Controller.  Not a bad deal if it actually comes before Christmas (shows it should ship before September 14), but I have no idea if I actually need the stand and the memory card.

I assume we (er, I mean the kids) are going to get a few sports games like Madden, but Christmas is still 90+ days away.  Of course my kids may rather have a an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock that actually tells time, but that is what having three boys is all about.


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