More PSP Woes – DRM Incompatibilities

Over the weekend I started transferring some of my digital movies included with my Blu-ray library to my PC. Lord of the Rings trilogy, X-Men trilogy, and a handful of others. Something to help pass the time while traveling.

For the most part I have been selecting iTunes; I swear one of these days I should get a Mac. At any rate, one of my movies (the Lord of the Ring animated movie from 1978) was WMV format, which does not really matter except that I do not use Windows Media Player and it would be nice to have all my movies under iTunes.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that none of my digital movies would work on my PSP! Actually, I should not be surprised, because of DRM incompatibilities with the PSP, but seriously, this is disappointing. None of my music or movies will play on my PSP.

On the bright side, Remote Play with the Slim seems to work well, and my Slim has not accidentally powered on one single time (knocking on wood, crossing fingers, and other types of voodoo).


One thought on “More PSP Woes – DRM Incompatibilities”

  1. I don’t know about the DRM but Handbrake is a good tool for transcoding. It probably has PSP presets.

    I bought Dark Knight and Wall-E Blu-Rays when they were first released and they include digital copy movies which imported into my iTunes. So I’ve sync’ed them to my iPhone and then I borrowed an iPad and sync’ed it there too.

    Looks okay but those movies have wide black bars because I think they’re 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

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