Twisted Metal: Head-On Online

Finally, I have successfully played a session of TM:Head-On online. My first attempts were all met with failure; I would constantly get kicked out of any games where I managed to connect. After putting down the game for a while, I gave TM:Head-On a fresh go last night.

Not only did I successfully play online, I managed to connect to several different games without get disconnected. That is major progress! I did find it rather curious that in many games I attempted to join the players were just hanging out in the lobby doing the message thing. PSP community building? Maybe, but does not seem very fun to me; to each their own I guess.

At first blush TM:Head-On online was just as fun as TM:Black (PS2), but it would not be fair for me to judge the game after only 20 minutes of gaming action. If any readers have TM:Head-On, please post a comment or drop me an email; I would love to join you in a game sometime. While I am still not an online gaming advocate, I can see a certain appeal in getting together with 4-6 fiends and going at it in some friendly TM:Head-On action.

The good news is that I did not experience any lag, or any other networking issues that would cause me to think that the experience was not fair. Interestingly enough most of the games I played had a ping response/rating of 9999. I figured that higher means bad, but in the case of this network I think it means “unknown” and possibly bad. On most occasions my ping was listed anywhere from just under 100 to 450. More experience is really needed before I can come to any conclusions.

All in all last night was a fun night of gaming, and hopefully I will be able to make it two in a row tonight.


2 thoughts on “Twisted Metal: Head-On Online”

  1. how did u get urs to finaly log on to the a game. i can get into the loby room, select a server, and then when i goes to check my conection status it says world may be full or invalid. and i know its not my wi-fi because i can surf the web jsut fine. any help would be nice

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