Who needs the GT5 boob tube?

Gran Turismo 5: PrologueAfter reading the recent playstation blog update on Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, I came away with an empty feeling. Disappointment.

Seriously, who cares about all the video crap that is being released on Gran Turismo TV?

On Friday, August 1st, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue owners will receive a significant update that will take their racing and automotive experience to a new level.

The heart of this update is a new line-up of exciting automotive programming for “Gran Turismo TV”, our in-game automotive media channel. Gearheads will enjoy a host of new free and pay-per-view programming, including “Top Gear“, UK’s premier car entertainment program, and Japan’s “Best Motoring” video magazine, dedicated to the pursuit of the pleasure of driving.

Disappointment quickly turned to frustration. Maybe even bitterness. How will a bunch of videos take my racing experience being taken to a new level?

In addition, other gameplay enhancements come with this update, like fixes in penalty judgments, more tire choices for Time Trial and improved physics during collisions between cars during online races (YES! We’ve been carefully monitoring players behaviors online and all your comments on the forums.)

Where are the other updates? Better single player racing AI? New tracks? More cars? Seriously, the Gran Turismo TV episodes may be neat, but I would rather the developers concentrate on fixing the gameplay, enhancing the racing experiences (with more cars and tracks), and adding trophy support.

What is going on with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue? Is it a demo that is slowly being enhanced? If the developers are concentrating on Gran Turismo TV, what the hell is going on with the full release?


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