World of Warcraft (Begins Part 1)

The adventure begins. Or something like that I suppose. After looking around at EBGames and realizing why I do not like that join (and why I typically shop online), I walked a few store down to Circuit City. Imagine my surprise when I found a big fat display of WoW titled (“now only $19.99″).

5 CDs and a 200+ page manual await, but first I had to get the DVD drive. For some reason the drive would not open. After some minor surgery, things are now in working order.

I am about to start on an adventure, full of preconceived notions, and expectations that may or may not be met. I have been told that I should reserve several hours for patching the game, which is one of the things I have always despised about PC gaming.

Time permitting, I will post some updates, impressions (from a newbie perspective), or something along those lines.


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