More on digital downloads.

This is a great article from The Portable Gamer titled Sony Finally Finds Smart Marketing. I am not sure how smart the marketing is, but from a financial standpoint, it makes sense. The author also points out one of my key concerns about digital content.

Pushing digital downloads is one of the smartest plans that Sony has come up with in recent years. Considering the constant news of GameStop’s never-ending record profits, mainly in used games, all consoles publishers need to find a way to get away from the secondary market. Digital downloads are the key.

I am not too crazy on reuse of the PSX library. It would be a great win for consumers if we could insert our PSX games, and let the PlayStation Network read the CD (serial number or some such indicator) as proof of ownership, which would entitle owners to a $5 download. I could live with that, but I am not very interested in paying $9.99 all over again for PSX games that I already own. Then again, I am thinking about purchasing the Final Fantasy VII download. Here I go again …


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