OOTP 10 – Hot Stove Style

Before game six of last night’s World Series I was torn between spending $29.99 on OOTP 10 (or OOTP X) or waiting for a while (i.e. until the next installment in 2010). I finally decided to download the game, went to order a license, and then pulled the plug. I figured if the Phillies pushed for a Game Seven, then I world order.

As circumstances would have it, I had to be at work very early this morning, so around 3AM I checked the OOTP site and the game was still listed at $29.99. So I figured what the heck, no time like the present; ordered a license. Timing is everything I guess because the game is back to its regular price of $39.99.

I started not to get the game because I have lived this long without the game, and I am not sure if I can get my money’s worth before the next installment. Then I started thinking that if nothing else, I could use OOTP 10 for some hot stove excitement. Hope springs eternal.


Dungeons & Dragons Online. OOTP 10 Sale.

Today is a slow news day; nothing new, exciting, or interesting to report from the various happening across the interwebs. I didn’t get to any of the topics that I wanted to address last weekend, so I have some catching up to do over the next few days. I do have a couple of PC gaming tidbits.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited
I downloaded Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited
(D&D Online)
last night, but will probably not get a change to check it out for a couple of days. I figured it is free and it is Dungeons & Dragons, so why not check it out. Plus I wanted a chance to get some Eberron flavoring; I am not really familiar with this new’ish D&D product setting.

I am not sure what the angle is for this one; free seems strange for a major title, but maybe the previous D&D game got lost in the shuffle (or shadow) of all the other MMORPG, including of course WoW. Maybe this one is free to play, but you have to pay for extras? I am not really sure, but one of the reasons I never seem to stick with WoW is because of the monthly subscription fee. I rarely get my money’s worth, but with D&D Online that should not be an issue.

I just home my computer can actually run this one have way decently. I probably just need to bite the bullet and get a new computer, one more gaming centric, for Christmas.

OOTP 10 is $10 off
I missed the last couple of sales, but plan to cash in on this one. OOTP 10 is once again $10 off:

The World Series is about to start, and those of you who are rooting for the Yankees or Phillies are probably having a great time! But even if your favorite team has been eliminated, there’s still some good news: through the last day of the World Series, OOTP 10 is now $10 off! This will probably be your last chance to get a discounted copy of the game about which GameShark said, “Every single facet of building and running a complete baseball universe is included in this game. It produces believable results while giving you an unprecedented amount of statistical and player development information. The revamped pitching system is tops. This is the single best baseball management sim available!”

This is where I end up biting off more than I can chew. As always seems to be the case, I have a huge backlog of games. FIFA 10, Demon’s Souls, and D&D Online. I guess we are heading into winter, so that may help me find some gaming time!


OOTP10 Demo available.

In case you missed the last couple of $10 off sales, and you are still interested in giving OOTP10 a try, a full-featured demo has been released.

A demo version of OOTP 10 is now available, so now you truly have no excuse not to give us a try! The demo version is valid for 7 real-world days, one-and-a-half seasons of fictional play, or one-half season of historical play. Aside from these limitations, the demo version is fully functional. No features are limited in our demo!

I actually missed the first two sales, so I hope to have time to give the demo a try. I enjoyed past versions of the game, but for whatever reason have not committed to this one.


Out of the Park 10 is $10 off July 9-15.

I have not played the last couple of OOTP iterations, mainly because the online league I was in folded. There was a $10 off preorder special, but at the time I decided I would pass. Now this deal comes along, and I am going to strongly consider jumping back into OOTP.

All-Star Special: $10 off Out of the Park Baseball 10!

Get OOTP 10 Now And Safe [sic] $10!
If you’ve just heard of OOTP, or if you’ve been sitting on the fence, take advantage of our Out of the Park Baseball All-Star Special!

From July 9th through July 15th, OOTP 10 can be yours for just $29.99 (€29.99 for customers living inside the European Union), a discount of $10 off the normal price!

Out of the Park Baseball 10 is the 10th iteration of our award-winning baseball management simulation game. It will be the best OOTP ever released, adding more features to an already unparalleled feature set and improving already existing ones. We have done a lot of work on the under-the-hood functionality, greatly improving the artificial intelligence, which results in the most realistic baseball management experience ever. As a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to play OOTP 10!

This is a pretty good deal. It is basically on sale for the price of a PSP game, or a heavily discounted (or Greatest Hits) PS3 game. Plus you get the added advantage that the game has already been patched, so it should be pretty clean.