Vita Japanese Sales

The total numbers look ridiculously low. Hopefully as the comments speculate, these are just physical sales and do not include PSN digital sales.

It will be interesting to see some similar numbers for the US, and a sales comparison between the early days of the 3DS, which didn’t enjoy a boost in success until the heavy hitters (i.e. Mario, Zelda, etc.) were unleashed upon the system.

Is a price drop needed? Or is it just a matter of better software that captures the interest of Japanese (and US) Vita owners?

The system is expensive, but I’m not sure that a price drop is required. Instead, if I were making decisions for Sony, I would solve memory card price backlash by including a 4GB card with every Vita system. While 4GB is much too low, at least it allows gamers to get started with PSN purchases. A pack-in PSN voucher for a $15 PSN exclusive game along with a pick of a PSP title would also be an easy way for Sony to provide value, without breaking their budget.

Of course Sony can do some simple things to help spur on the Vita. Push Cross Play functionality, finally providing PSOne compatibility, and really see what they can do with Remote Play.

Getting quality games out the door would also help. Just saying.


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  1. I think there was an NPD monthly report showing well under 50k recently?

    There may not be any one factor that increases sales. May have to do a price cut followed up shortly by release of some big games.

    It’ll be interesting to see what sales of the Nexus 7 tablet from Google will be. People are willing to spend $200 plus more for accessories and content if you judge the enthusiasm in various web forums.

    Different kinds of devices yet in the same price range. One has access to a lot of cheap software and media, the other doesn’t necessarily.

    Then rumors of a smaller iPad, presumably in the same price range. If that sells well, it’ll show that people are willing to buy gadgets but not certain gadgets.

  2. Agree with the last point – should be interesting to see what happens. I always figured the audiences were completely different. Casual gamers are just not going to be willing to send $200+ for a Vita and then shell out for a memory card + games at $30.

  3. alot of factors are stopping me from buying it 1. PRICE 2. price of cards 3. price of games

    a new ps3 game costs 59.99 for AAA titles—while a vita is 49.99 that is way to high
    memory cards- you guys have touched on that 1
    and with the price so high–and so few people buying it–how long will sony support it–or for that matter- 3rd parties?

  4. I think Christmas (holiday season) will tell the true tale of where the Vita is heading. Sony only needs one Monster Hunter type game to get the numbers and backing of the Japanese people.

    As an avid handheld gamer (remember the NeoGeo Pocket Color – one of my all time favorite systems), I hope the Vita is successful, because I want portable video game experiences without the control limitations of smart phones and tablets.

    The games I have played are great – really quality titles. Just not enough time to play them.

    I think Sony could get away without a price cut (maybe) if they would bundle in a memory card. 4GB is far too small, but it is better than having to buy one.

    As for game prices – like any other system, you pay a premium for a day one purchase. Titles will go on sale. I’m not a huge fighting game fan, but I just picked up BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended for under $30. The problem with price is that casual smart phone fans expect this type of game to be $1, which is just not possible. The quality of the Vita games is far superior to the casual smartphone experiences, but I don’t think casual fans would ever understand.

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