Miracle in Rustenburgo.

A 3 – nil victory over Egypt is hardly a miracle, but man does this one feel good! At the start of the Confederations Cup I said I was expecting a 1-1-1 record; anything else was a bonus. I figured that the US would end up with a tie and a loss in the first two games. I really did not expect the U.S. to advance, and as I wrote this morning, today I was just looking for the National Team to show some pride. They did that and more as they kicked the crap out of Egypt on the way to advancing to the semis this Wednesday against Spain.

Today Team USA was not altogether pretty. The defense continued to be exposed, and the good side turned the ball over too much in the middle of the pitch. The U.S. pounded the ball, and had plenty of quality shots. In the end, the results could have been even better. But why complain about the score?

Thanks to Brazil’s 3-0 spanking of Italy, the US, and their 1-2-0 record advance on tie breakers, despite losing to Italy at the start of the tournament. Who would have guessed?



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