Ring The Bells: Ferrari 1-2

Great result for the Scuderia, with Alonso and Massa finishing 1-2 at the expense of Vettel. Party in Maranello? After last season, this result has to be beyond Ferrari’s wildest dreams.

I think Alonso must have had something in hand; even without the late problem with Vettel’s Red Bull, I think Alonso was going to close up and challenge. Massa has to be plenty pleased at a podium finish after last year’s life threatening injury.

As for Michael Schumacher, a sixth place finish is pretty respectable, however I am sure it is eating Schume up that his Nico qualified in front of him, finished in front of him, and as best I can tell outpaced him all weekend.

As for the racing, it seemed pretty typical parade around the circuit stuff as we have come to expect in recent years. It was interesting see what short of strategies would play out with the refueling ban and new tires. The changes just did not seem to translate well on the track. Still, it is the first race, so we will have to see what develops over the coming weeks.


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