Sunday Night Special

It is always a good day when a Ferrari finishes at the front. Massa drove a brilliant race this morning to win his second consecutive Turkish Grand Prix.

I caught the last hour of the IRL race at Infineon Raceway; what a disaster for Franchitti. I am not sure what he and Marco were thinking, but you would think someone on their command center would play traffic cop.

Jacques Villeneuve to NASCAR Cup racing next year? First up is a test and then a few races for Bill Davis Racing in the Craftsman Truck Series. Trucks? Villeneuve? Toyota? Count me in! I have always liked Villeneuve.

Congratulations to Warner Robins, Georgia, on their Little League World Series victory. That makes it two in a row for Georgia.

Does anyone really think the Joey Harrington led Falcons are going to do anything this year? Even the most ardent Homer has to expect Atlanta to stink up the Georgia Dome.

  • Wins by week: Minnesota (1), Houston (4), Tennessee (5), Tampa Bay (11), Tampa Bay (15)
  • Loses by week: Jacksonville (2), Carolina (3), NY Giants (6), New Orleans (7), San Francisco (9), Carolina (10), Indianapolis (12), St. Louis (13), New Orleans (14), Arizona (16), Seattle (17)

5-11 is actually pretty generous. I am assuming that Tampa Bay will suck, Minnesota will have QB issues, Houston will not be significantly improved, and even the magic of Vince will not be enough for Tennessee to win. Trouble is definitely ahead.

I decided to throw Namco Museum (PSP) and Madden 07 (PSP) on eBay to help clear up my PSP collection, which does nothing these days besides gather a significant amount of dust. Namco went up primarily because the analog nub sucks for the maze games, and the digital pad pretty much is worthless. Madden was pretty solid, but as I said, I want to thin out my PSP collection. Maybe I will decide that I cannot live without a portable Madden; doubt it, but maybe I will come back around to portable gaming at some point.


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