Virus Blues

Well, it finally happened. I guess it was inevitable – my PC has been crippled by a nasty boot virus. I have been using Norton 2002 for 4+ years, and it has always been a trusty little friend. Alas, Norton let me down this week, despite faithfully renewing my support license year after year, in spite of running daily checks to pull down the latest virus definitions, even with scheduled full scans ever Sunday.

Yes, I am a beaten, bitter man. Hackers suck, and virus are just as bad. It is too bad that folks cannot put their creative juices into something more useful. Instead of enjoying the latest version of Madden (oh yes I will Chris), I have been trying to recover my machine, but my efforts have been fruitless.

I pulled down AVG Antivirus and gave it a spin. It did clean up a few things, but not enough. Ironically enough, my ISP is now offering CA’s suite (antivirus, spam, firewall protection, etc) for free, but it is several days too late for me.


3 thoughts on “Virus Blues”

  1. Maybe the System Restore in Windows XP?

    I had to try to fix a real bad problem for my dad a couple of months back. I couldn’t run either the XP restore or the HP Pavillion restore.

    Ended up having to format and install.

    I don’t have any antivirus or security software on my PowerBook (other than the built-in firewall). But I may have some PC viruses that I could unwittingly help spread.

    I’m feeling a bit tempted to get a PC again when AOE3 comes out. Would be better if MS just ported it to consoles though.

  2. I just switched to Avast from Norton. Thanks goodness I did. Avast found four or five viruses on my computer that Norton didn’t find. I’ll never use Norton again.

  3. wco81 – I have not been able to restore jack crap. I keep looking at the $999 eMac or what ever it is called. Not sure if I can get away from PCs, but as someone said at work, my iPod has almost made me an "Apple Guy."

    Chris – I do not know that much about Avast, but Norton let me down. It has been great for several years, but no doubt, it let me down this time.

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