Georgia gets screwed on phantom celebration call.

This is the second game this year (Oklahoma St was the other) were the officials directly affected the outcome of the game. I cannot believe that Georgia got called with a bullshit celebration call after A.J. Green put the Bulldogs ahead with only 1:08 left to play. Say what you will, but that call directly affected the outcome of the game. It is not realistic to expect the kids to not celebrate after such a big play, but there was absolutely nothing excessive about A.J.’s celebration with his teammates.

Without the call LSU may still have won the game, but the referees made it that much easier for LSU by shortening the field by 15 extra yards. Un f’ing real!


2 thoughts on “Georgia gets screwed on phantom celebration call.”

  1. Stupid, stupid rule, it really doesn’t affect the way I feel about either team, I was watching the game simply because I knew it would be a good game, but referees should not determine the outcome of ANY game. That call was unnecessary, and so was the call with the LSU celebration when they scored. Nobody won that game.

  2. Turns out the ref was a hated Georgia Tech grad….how unfair. The refs are out to get UGA as anyone who watched this years Bama game will attest. Then again, since Saban basically runs college football nowadays, it’s not a surprise.

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