Home at last

It is good to finally be home again.  What a long trip … Edinburgh for four nights and York for two nights.  I spent a good 18 hours traveling yesterday between trains, planes, and automobiles.

From a gaming standpoint, I spent very little time with my PSP on the plane; just could not get into anything.  In Edinburgh I saw Wii “in stock” signs on a couple of store fronts on Princes Street for 199 British Pounds.  No bundles – just the system.  The PSP 80GB unit was going for 800+ British Pounds, but included your choice of a couple of games (decent titles such as Resistance), Blu-ray movies (I assume the 5 free deal currently running), and an extra Sixaxis controller.  Still, I could not imagine spending $1,600 for a game system, regardless of the pack-ins.

When I am traveling, gaming always takes a backseat to the local sights and sounds.  In the case of the UK, that means checking out the various historical sites, pubs, and trying all manner of different beer.  I happened to be in Edinburgh during the annual Festival.  I arrived in time to see part of the Fringe Parade.  Crazy stuff.

Anyway, it is great to be back home.


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