To be honest I didn’t watch the game and played World of Warcraft instead last night.  Ohio State didn’t really have a chance in this game since the outcome wasn’t much in doubt.  I did record it in case OSU made it interesting, but did anybody really believe they could beat 2007’s version of the Fab Five?  I was joking with one of my friends that if Texas A&M just had one of Florida’s starting five, we’d be in the championship game instead of Florida.  The Gators can beat you in so many ways, can use so many different weapons, that even Donovan’s questionable game coaching skills can’t screw things up.  Many a game before the mighty championship run we would sit in the stands in Gainesville and wonder if Billy knew what defense was because his teams certainly didn’t. 

The 2006-2007 Gators are just too good.  I can’t wait to see the creative t-shirt ways the students express their dominance over OSU.  hehe  


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