PS3 Slim is coming; hold your applause.

I will be glad when Sony gets the PS3 Slim, price cut, relaunch, or whatever out of the way. I am sick and tired of reading all the crap about one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory. The problem is that right now there is really not a whole lot of other videogame news out there (except for PS3 Porn) so this rumor stuff keeps filling up N4G, various searches, all my usual sites, and then some.

Fanning the flames is this article from kotaku.

Allegedly, the French, as a purported screen shot from retailer Micromania’s product database shows the oft-rumored PlayStation 3 “Slim” redesign. If this listing is the real deal—it’s not reflected on Micromania’s web site—it would confirm a long-standing rumor.

That shot, hosted by Total Manga and via NeoGAF’s marathon thread of PS3 Slim speculation, could be easily faked. But the details are inline with recent chatter about the mythical console redesign’s leaks. Micromania supposedly listed a September 1 arrival date and a €299 price point. That’s cheaper than the current €399 model, which has been the target of retailer price drops over the past few weeks.

Of course, previous leaks are just as much confirmation as this rumored listing. There was the product listing for the “PS3 Konsole Slim,” a listing which didn’t last long before it was pulled.

I don’t fault kotaku for running this story. As the writer said, this latest bit could have easily been faked. I just wish someone get an “official” leak so we can all get back to something more productive.


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