Bush vs. Williams Round 2

OK, I know there is probably not much point in doing this sort of comparison, besides aggravating Chris, which I probably should not do since I need his help with the IOSBL OOTPB 2006 transaction. But what the heck, there is time to write, so I will give this a go.

I did not get to see either game, or highlights of either game, so I am just going by what I read in the NFL.com gambook summary reports. If you have never checked out these detailed box scores, and you consider yourself a “stats guy” you owe it to yourself to peruse these for a few minutes. First up, Mario Williams, who ended his day with two tackles, which increases his yearly total to four tackles and one assisted tackle. Maybe Williams put a lot of pressure on Manning; I am sure Chris will let us know if there is some hope for his newly adopted team.

Next up is Reggie Bush, who had a horrible day on the ground, with six yards on five attempts. That is pretty much an ouch, however Bush was the leading receiver for the Saints, with eight receptions for 68 yards. Bush also managed 36 punt return yards on four attempts.

For those keep score at home, I think this squarely puts the score at 2-0 in Bush’s favor. Of course it is still early days in the careers of both players, but I am just putting this out there because I have a few minutes on my hand as the New England/New York Jets game is at the half.


2 thoughts on “Bush vs. Williams Round 2”

  1. Such a simple analysis is very ESPN-like. The key point from this weekend? The Colts put up 42 on the Texans. Why? Because they have no defense. Heck, Texans actually scored some points when the game was over (start of the third quarter). Reggie Bush shouldn’t have been picked by the Texans. Period. They don’t need him. Other teams may have holes that Bush fit, but Houston has to get a defense. So the argument isn’t that the Tecans should have picked Bush. They never should have. The correct discussion is whether or not they should have traded down to get more defense.

  2. ESPN-like. Very nice.

    Like I said, just had some time on my hands. :)

    In a few weeks, Williams could be racking up sack after sack, while Bush is on the bench with a career ending knee injury. Early days.

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