Wii will dominate Christmas. Does New Super Mario Bros Wii stand a chance?

I did not realize a battle for the ages was looming this holiday season. Australian based site Gameplayer posted a highly entertaining read: Fat Bastards versus Game Nerds

You can bet your left nut/ovary that the Wii will be laying claim to most of the top 10 in the best selling games chart when the curtains draw to a close on 2009 and we all get shit-faced on New Year’s Eve.

Perhaps more intriguing are the two games that are set to vie for the top spot. In the red corner you have Wii Fit Plus, and in the blue you have New Super Mario Bros Wii. Between them they offer a vastly contrasting audience. The former is selling primarily to weight conscious adults, and selling its pants off we might add. At around 22 million global sales, Wii Fit is the third best selling (non-bundled) console game of all time. How’d you like them apples?

My money is on New Super Mario Bros Wii. I think all the cool kids will ask for it for Christmas, while Wii Fit has already been on the market too long to capture the top spot at Christmas.


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