Confederations Cup miracles continue.

USA 2 – Spain 0? Wow! Un’fing real. Last week I counted this team dead and done; begged them to show some pride.

… the U.S. is just not that creative, lacks a serious attacking striker. Besides, the defense will let us down at some point in the game with a boneheaded mistake.

At this point I just want to see Team USA not completely embarrass itself against Egypt. I known Italy and Brazil are the best of the best (FIFA #4 and #5 respectively as of June 3), but we should not be out of our league against top competition. Egypt is ranked #40, so this afternoon is a good chance to show if we are going make a decent recovery or if we just want to pack up and go home with our tails tucked between our legs.

I love being proved wrong. While the U.S. may not be the better team, it looks like they were better than Spain today. That is good enough for me, and shows major progress in our soccer program. Happy days! The best part is that I get to watch the finals this Sunday. Tomorrow we will learn if we take on Brazil or South Africa.


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