Stewart Haas Racing

According to, the worst kept secret in the garage will be reveled over the next couple of days. Tony Stewart is leaving Joe Gibbs Racing in order to secure his own gig.

“On Thursday at Chicagoland Speedway, Stewart will formally announce a move to Haas/CNC Racing as co-owner and driver, sources close to Stewart said.

Sources close to both sides told the deal will make Stewart the highest-paid driver in NASCAR.”

Tony Stewart ©

Stewart Hass or bust ©

I am surprised about the money. I figured Stewart would leave because he wanted to get back in a Chevy, control his own destiny, and make some more duckets. I had no idea the pay day would be so large.

If Stewart Hass does not get a huge influx of money, the team will be in serious trouble. The current owner of HASS/CNC is already behind bars on tax evasion, and neither car is in the Top 35. In other words, Stewart is going to have a challenge in front of him if he wants to continue racing every Sunday.


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