Falcons impressive on offense against the Rams.

The Atlanta Falcons held on to a 20-13 win over the Rams. Yes it is preseason, so no one cares. Ah, but no so true for many fans because the preseason is where depth charts are set, young guys get to make or break their careers with first impressions, and if nothing else the preseason tides us over until the real gridiron action starts. It is a tasty morsel of sorts. As a season ticket holder, the preseason is a small investment for the upcoming season. Observations now for the season ahead.

Offense is ready
The Falcons starting offense looked like they were ready for the season to start; first two drives were productive and ended with a rushing TD by Turner and a TD catch by Gonzalez. Hell, I will go so far and say they looked damn near stellar – have to get the homer out of me. The Falcons even managed to work some on their no-huddle offense, with fairly efficient results. Matt Ryan at the line was shades of that QB with the Colts.

Backup QB unsettled
Or maybe it is not, but D.J. Shockley looked nowhere near ready to step in for Ryan. I assume Redman will get the call (if needed).

Secondary is scary …
but not in a good way. This unit will not put fear in the heart of opposing teams, and unless the d-line can figure out how to put constant and consistent pressure on opposing QBs, the upcoming season may be merciless for the secondary. I know the Falcons have a lot of faith in CB Brent Grimes; he was around the ball a lot, but what will he do against a quality WR?


2 thoughts on “Falcons impressive on offense against the Rams.”

  1. As a fan, I don’t pay attention to the preseason games until the last one.

    But it seems different teams take different approaches. Romo played the whole first half yesterday and in the first week, Brady put up like 15 pass attempts, while Favre attempted only 4 yesterday.

    When you watch Hard Knocks, it seems camp and preseason games are taken seriously or maybe the coaches are playing for the cameras. Even if they don’t open up the playbook for these games, they don’t like to lose or give up bad plays.

    49ers were practicing with Raiders this week and in one day, they got 7 interceptions and the secondary was whooping it up. Just don’t get that but I guess players get competitive.

    Last year, Cowboys scrimmaged with Broncos on Hard Knocks and apparently there was a lot of trash-talking.

  2. A lot of times that last game the starters only play a series; two tops.

    I agree that they “play to win” – coaches want their second string to beat the other guy’s second string.

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