SI Pulls The Plug

Sports Interactive all but killed off Eastside Hockey Manager. The knee jerk “we couldn’t sell the game because of piracy” comments in the forum left me scratching my head. I read somewhere that the NHL All Star game had lower ratings than Andy Griffith re-runs aired during the same time (actually I think Jim Rome said this during his radio show). Hmmm.

Could we be staring at Out of the Park Baseball’s future with another lackluster release this year? If OOTPB 2007 turns out to be as bad and bug-ridden at release at OOTPB 2006, then I am closing my league down and that’s the end of my OOTPB playing. Lots of other folks will do the same. For the record, piracy will have little to do with OOTPB’s demise should SI decide to close down its baseball franchise.


4 thoughts on “SI Pulls The Plug”

  1. So, Chris, the plan will be to upgrade to OOTP 2007? When would we make that jump – after next season?

    Oh – and you got the OF I wanted! I’m learning a lot more during this free agent period…



  2. Kevin, not to speak for Chris, but in the past Chris waits until the first patch is released before converting. No sense in the IOSBL being beta testers. Most of us get the new version and start messing around with it as soon as it is released, but I agree with waiting – caution is the better part of valor.

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