Return of Twisted Metal

Watching the Rolex 24 at Daytona, doing some blogging, and catching up on the PlayStation blog. Just came across something I am not sure what to make of; should I be happy or just kind of blah? Twisted Metal: Head On – Extra Twisted Edition (PS2; MSRP $19.99) will be out next week (Feb 5).

At first, while watching the video I was thinking this was a PSP game. I guess I have been spoiled on PS3 graphics, but then the PS2 logo was shown. I really like the Twisted Metal series, especially TM1, TM2, and TM Black. I sold my PSP TM game because I could never get into the controls, so I was really hoping for a new PSP version with tighter controls. Then again, we really need a new PSP with a better analog stick, but I digress.

I doubt I will pick this one up, but $19.99 is a great price. Hopefully they are working on a PS3 version, complete with 1080p support (yes; color me a graphics whore).

As I mentioned in the MLB 08 post below, I really like what Sony is doing with their blog. Yes, it is a propaganda piece, but it is also nice to see some of the Sony employees answer questions (which is the reason I linked to the post with comments).


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