Home again, home again

It is always nice to get back home.  Not that London is all that bad, but there is something special about coming home again.

MacallanThe lesion of the week was that you never, ever (and I was told repeatedly about the never ever part) have this fine scotch over ice.  Oops.

I typically have various bourbons over ice, but I am not a scotch connoisseur, so I had no idea that I was going about it all wrong.  I did try it again later in the week, without ice, and I think maybe (just maybe) it does taste better without ice.  When I got home last night I had a Makers sans ice, so maybe I am onto the next phase of my life.  Still, summers are hot in Columbus, so the ice habit may be hard to break.  If I want a warming drink, I typically think brandy, not bourbon (or scotch), but I think I now see the point (and maybe the light).

I did not have a lot of time for gaming, but I did have a few minutes to check out the UK gaming scene at a music/gaming store in the airport.  It was interesting to such a large selection of PSP games (I did not check out the other sections) including many sports titles that I have not seen in the US.  There was a snookers games, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (discounted to 19 UK pounds) and Pro Evolution Soccer 6.  In addition to usual suspects such as Tiger Woods and FIFA, they had something called ProStroke Golf, which looked interesting because the game lets you design your own courses.  I did not see Madden or MLB, but they did have several NBA titles and NASCAR.  I was going to pick up Race Driver (was jonesing for a racing game), but did not see it on the shelf.

As far as gaming goes, on the return trip I spent several hours with Madden 2007; I will post more later, but for now it is enough to say that it is an excellent portable football game.  I also spent some time with Lumines, Pinball Hall of Fame, and the NAMCO collection title.  Lumines is a wonderful way to “get into a zone” and kill some time.  The same can be said for Pinball Hall of Fame.  I am at the point where I think I no longer have the patience for the poorly implement analog control in NAMCO, which makes the maze games and complete miss.

Good to be back, and happy birthday to me.  Today is number 36, which makes me feel like an extremely old fart.


9 thoughts on “Home again, home again”

  1. BTW, I am not actually sure if this is the Macallan scotch that I had, but I was told that it was a 18-year old single malt, so the picture worked for me.

    BTW #2. The Macallan web site has a picture of this fine scotch served over ice, with soda. How about them apples?

    BTW #3. I always find it funny that Bud is so popular in the UK, but everone loves it.

  2. One more BTW, upon further review, this is the wrong picture, I had the non oak version, which goes for 68 UK pounds per bottle. Major ouch with the current exchange rate. I think I will stick to bourbons because I do not have the money to be a fine scotch fan.

  3. Happy birthday JC !

    Not sure about everyone loving Bud over here – personally I think it is revolting, even though it is 5%.

    Come up North next time you are over, and I’ll get you into proper ales :)

  4. Thanks Dave. Should have said that I was surprised by the number of locals drinking Bud. Of course not everyone. :)

    What area do you call home? I in the UK 3-4 times a year; usually London, but Chester is also another place I go. I should be in York early next year.

  5. Get rid of Maker’s Mark and move up to Knob Creek. Add a splash of water and enjoy how the gods drink bourbon. Knob Creek is my sipping whiskey (yes whiskey with an “e”). I enjoy scotch also, but a fine American bourbon is just as satisfying and about 30% cheaper than decent scotch. I drink Blanton’s bourbon for special occasions :-). Happy birthday!

  6. I have never been much of a speller, but I thought whisky was acceptable; or maybe just for Markers Mark fans.

    I really just started to appreciate finer bourbons in the last year. I now keep to the cheaper stuff for mixing – Wild Turkey and Jack; and I know Jack is not a bourbon). I used to think Jack and Wild Turkey (the 101 proof of course) was quality, but I can actually appreciate the difference between those guys and Makers. Growing up I suppose. :)

    Do you have any recommendations for a decent review site that has interesting opinions on different bourbons?

  7. JC – I live in sunny Manchester, some 35 miles NE of Chester…home to the infinitely hateful Man Utd, and the scruffy loveable locals, Man City.

    Oh, and the Industrial Revolution, and Free Trade Liberalism, and the beginnings of Marxism (Engels wrote most of the Condition of the Working Class in England in Central Library)…and, well you can read the rest for yourself..


  8. There are European versions of Lowenbrau and Budweiser, spelt differently.

    They were quite good as I recall.

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