Amazon scores a miss with Pangya Fantasy Golf (PSP)

Last weekend was the first time I have preordered a game in a year or so. I think last year’s Madden was my last preorder. That game actually shipped at the same time that major videogame retailers (i.e. GameStop) shipped their copies.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf was released yesterday, but Amazon now shows it “in stock on June 25, 2009″

I am not sure if this means that Amazon did not get their copies at the same time as the likes of EBGames, or if it means they sold out quickly, and I was too far down the preorder list. My guess is that they just did not get the game yesterday, which pretty much sucks because I was working myself into a frenzy over getting a new game. Not really (the frenzy part), but I was looking forward to having something new this weekend.


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