A posting we shall go.

So I have missed a good two weeks between posts.  Stuff happens.

What a crappy day for my football teams.  Georgia gets taken behind the woodshed and has the living tar spanked out of them, and Texas goes down to Oklahoma.  Crap.

The last three weeks have been filled with very little gaming.  Instead, any free time has gone to watching football (took in the Falcons-Carolina game a couple of weeks ago), catching up on reading, and I have started a running program.  I did manage to get in a little time on my PSP earlier this week on a “day trip” to Canada.  The usual staple – Pinball Hall of Fame – and I spent a little time with Taito Legends Power-Up (Qix and Elevator Action).  I think there are some things worth commenting on, such as the horrible analog nub controls on these classic compilations, and my general lack of enthusiasm for the PSP.  Maybe I am outgrowing gaming on the game, which would be a pretty sad state of affairs.  I do have a couple of trips coming up, so maybe things will change.

I have not fired up my PS3 for gaming in weeks (dare I say months).  Looks like a lot of changed.  Today I had to upgrade my firmware, download the new folding at home update, and check out some of the free content from the Playstation store.  The biggest thing I ran across in the forums that I have not frequented in a while are the rumors surrounding PS3 backwards capability issues.  Not sure where this will take us, but I think backwards capability is a major selling point for the PS3.  Most longtime Playstation owners have a catalog of PSX and PS2 games that they will want to play for the foreseeable future.  I know there are still several PS2 games that I want to play; too little time for all the great games.

I spent some time with Formula One Championship Edition running hot laps in the time trail mode.  The burr hit me right since I happened to be up early in the morning to watch qualifying for the Chinese GP.  Not at all intentional, but I could not sleep.  Formula One CE is still an outstanding title that for the most part did not receive its due in the US market.

I also spent some time with Super Stardust HD, which is easily one of my all time favorite shooters.  Decided to download the free version of Go! Sudoku; it is Sudoku, not sure what else to add.  I will probably splurge three bucks on Go! Sports Ski; it is cheap and looks different.

How about Jacques Villeneuve qualifying up front at Talladega.  Give ’em hell Jacques.


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