World of Warcraft 1.7 Patch

My oh my it’s a wonderful day for hunters in World of Warcraft! The hunter talent trees were completely re-done and pets were finally given a set of skills that will make them quite formidable in the later stages of the game. I spent the last two evenings playing around with the talent trees and decided to make Fwa (my lvl 52 Tauren hunter) a beast master.

For those not immersed in the game, hunters generally spec themselves as marksmen (MM), beast masters (BM) or survival hunters. This means that a large portion of your talent points emphasize one of the three talent trees. I’d been a MM hunter up until this point. There are just too many neat changes to the beast talent tree in 1.7, so my wolf “Pepper” is getting a nice damage per second boost and a lot of health/armor.


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