Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and safe travels to and from where ever it is you happy to spend turkey day.  While I have too many blessings to count, I figured I would list a few here …

  • Family of course; especially my wonderful wife, Tonya, and sons Joshua and Nathan.  Of course boy number three due in February.
  • My dad
  • My new house, which of course was my grandmother’s house
  • Thanksgiving in my house; been 10+ years since a Thanksgiving dinner graced this house
  • Surviving our first Thanksgiving dinner; keeping my fingers crossed on this one!
  • This website, its readers, and the contributors to the site over the years.  We quietly celebrated our fifth anniversary September 27, 2006!
  • Chris; great ‘virtual’ friend, partner in crime on the site, and gaming partner (when I actually get to play OOTPB and WoW)
  • Video Game library of 100+ games and several systems spanning the years.  Many unopened games, which provide countless opportunities if I ever get around to them.  Sad, but true; thankfully, wasted purchases do not happen too much these days.  With so many games, who needs a Wii, PS3, or 360?

Of course there are more, many more, too many to count or name.  Maybe I will do a part two later today if the mood strikes.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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