Football night in ATL

Tonight the Falcons play host to the Bears. Everyone remembers the drill from last year. Matt Ryan hooked up with a sideline pattern to Michael Jenkins, saving a second on the clock to allow Jason Elam to kick the Falcons to a 22-20 win. It was a riot in the Dome. I still remember all the Bears fans chanting “Da Bears” as they took the lead with only a few seconds remaining, but the last second heroics of Ryan/Jenkins/Elam sent those same annoying Bears fans away in stunned silence.

Tonight is the rematch. Primetime TV on NBC; should be a great time. I am going to take the two oldest boys up mid-afternoon for a tailgate. My seven-year old loves throwing around a football in the parking lot with dad. Plus the hotdogs are always good. Since this one is a night game, mom is going to allow the kids to layout of school tomorrow; or at least get off to a late start. Speaking of late, I doubt the kids will make the whole game, but I am sure we will still have a blast.

The Falcons are favored by 3 points, but I do not like the match-up when you consider that the Bears are coming off a bye, and the Falcons are coming back from a very successful Left Coast trip. Still, I have to believe that the offense will score enough points if Turner and company are able to move the ball successfully on the ground.

Cannot wait for the fun to begin. Go Falcons!


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