World of Warcraft (Begins Part 3)

After a few more hours with the game, Tuldar is now a level 6 Dwarf Hunter.  Things became much easier when I figured out how to use my gun and use spells.  I kept pressing the thing (it looked like a gun), but could never make it work.  I knew I had ammo, but once again, could not figure out how to use the ammo.  I finally realized that I had to target as I normally would target with my axe, and then fire away.  I am sure veterans of the game are laughing, but basic stuff like this has been on the learning curve.

I have managed my way around Coldridge Valley doing an assortment of quests, killing monsters for loot, and the like.  I have not really been trying to level up; it has just worked that way so far while I practice my newfound skills with my gun (and the sing spell thing, which is pretty nice).

On one occasion I died.  I found myself in a cave full of trolls, which was not that big a deal, but after jumping done some sort of cliff/ridge, I got surrounded by four or five, and that was that – first death experience.  I did not really notice what (if anything) was lost or affected by going to the great beyond.  Recovering my spirit was a matter of leaving the Coldridge Valley graveyard and returning to the troll cave.  Once there, it was business as usual.

Speaking of learning curve type stuff, during the game I did not know how to use my healing herbs that I acquired as a quest reward.  I needed the damn things when the trolls were attacking, but I could not get them from my backpack fast enough to do any good.  I later learned that it would not matter, because you have to sit down to consume of the healing items.  I put the herbs in slot position 10, which shows as 3/0 (3 herb items, in position 10), but the herbs were also listed in my backpack.  I figured something was wrong, so I tried to move them back to the backpack, only to accidentally sit down, consuming (and wasting) the healing powers because I was already fully healed.  I did this twice before I realized that the 0 was for position 10.  Hopefully I do not need the extra healing later in the game, but in my book this is just part of the learning curve.

I have never played a MMORP game before, and it has been years since I played a PC role playing game.  Lots to learn.  Like how do I know what items my hunter is allowed to use.  It looks like I cannot use metal armor, but is there somewhere in the game (or in the manual or main site help) that describes items and what I can or cannot use?  I keep debating if I should read some strategy guides or something beyond the standard help page stuff.  I have no idea how to gain skills, professions, or the like.  I have gained all the skills that there hunter trainer in Anvilmar offers.

Thus far I have not joined any groups.  To be honest, I have never been a fan of online games (at least for consoles) because you typically run into all kinds of crap with strangers.  Someone did ask me to join them during my first play session, but I declined.  I have yet to ask anyone to join me, so my experience with the game is pretty much that of a hack and slash console RPG.  I know that is not fair and hopefully I can get some time with Chris (or other volunteers) to really get a different perspective on the game.

In the comments to my Part 2 post (see below) Chris suggested that I try something else other than a hunter – maybe a priest, warlock, mage, or warrior.  I wanted to start as a druid, but I just do not like the looks of the elves.  Same for the gnomes; they look so darn little and dart around all over the place.  What is the point in playing as a human?  I am human; I want something different in a fantasy game.  So I will create another dwarf; just not sure which class to follow at this point.


3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft (Begins Part 3)”

  1. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Did I mention that you should read the manual :-)?

    Seriously, the game doesn’t really start until you can do your first instance at level 18 or so. You probably haven’t investigated the professions yet. Or the Auction House. Or talents. All of these things are very important because once you hit level ten, you need to plan just how your character will choose his talent set.

    But it starts with reading the manual. After that, we’ll point you in the right direction.

  2. I think in my first or second post I pointed out that I had not read the manual. :)

    My posts were not intended to form an opinion of the game. Instead I wanted to document the game from a novice’s perspective. As a console gamer, I rarely if ever read manuals. If I decide that I really like a game, then I do get around to reading the manual, and maybe looking at other sites (GameFAQs for example) for more info/background on the game. I even have a few gaming guides to my favorite games, not because I eventually think I will go back and learn/get every single aspect of the game, but because I enjoy reading about my favorite games.

    With that said, in general I do not like spoilers, so I tend to stay away from hint/tip sites because I want to learn about the game instead of having it spoon-fed to me. I guess there is a fine line about reading too much info, and not knowing enough about the game. The interesting thing to me is that WoW seems to be really deep, so I will have to read further.

    Looking forward to getting another character created. If you are on IM tonight (and I am not too distracted by MNF) then I will hit you up to see if you are out and about. Otherwise, I guess it will have to be later this week (I think Bronzebeard is down for maintenance on Tuesday).

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