Final Review

Since Sports Interactive let us know a few weeks ago that there won’t be another patch for Out of the Park Baseball 2006, I thought I would provide my final review of their fine product. This review is from an online baseball perspective. It may be the best thing since sliced bread for solo players, but I wouldn’t know one way or the other. Here’s my review:

Do not purchase OOTPB 2006. It is unstable. It is buggy. Stay away.

If you do not believe my assessment, simply visit the technical report forum and comb through post after post of unresolved issues. My online league conversion failed. We had to restart our league from scratch because of computer AI problems and game crashes.

Sadly, OOTPB 2007 will more than likely be a big full price OOTPB 2006 patch. Here’s my review of the OOTP/SI merger:


A once online friendly game was released as an unseemly mess that was eventually patched to playability. If you put up with the unresolved Mac export issues, the lack of information about contract and free agent offers, the AI doing weird things unless you shut it down for every team and every level, the lack of development information, etc., then there’s a pretty interesting game beneath the surface. So interesting that I am putting up with the pain in order to play the game in an online league.

But you don’t have to. Just stay away. And don’t purchase OOTPB 2007 unless you see that all of these issues are resolved.


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