My 20 year sim is complete and the stats are much, much better. Al batting averages ranged from a low of .261 to a high of .284. The most frequent league average over the course of the sim was in the middle .270s. AL ERAs. ranged from 4.19 to 5.31, but the most consistent ERAs were in the mid to upper 4.00s.

Individual stats produce only one weird result. A player hit .410 to set a new average record. A new HR record was also established during the sim as a player hit 81 Hrs. Most individual HR leaders were in the lower to middle 50s at the top, with high 40s starting at the number 3 and below ont he leader boards. Pitcher ERAs were consistent with OOTP 6.5 on the leaderboards.

So no more major complaints about the stats at this point.

At some point today I’ll look at player development and see if there is more variability in success. Might try and sim another 10 seasons just to make sure I am getting OOTPB 2006 produced prospects as major league players. If player development looks good, we’re in business.

There are reports about a pinch hit bug caused by the new patch. I haven’t seen it, nor do I know if it impacts simulated games. Some folks are also complaining about new crashes. Fortunately a new (and final) patch is due on Tuesday.


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