Dynasties Away…

I finally decided to start a NCAA Football 2007 dynasty, but I am going to do things different this year. I doubt I will do any sort of major chronicle of my exploits. Not that the chronicle reports are no longer fun, but I am always pressed for time, so better to spend it playing and writing about an assortment of stuff, instead of spending detailing the statistics. Besides I am tackling three teams this year Georgia, North Texas, and Texas.

I still have to work out all the odds and ends, but after playing several random games (mostly of the rivalry sort), I think week one of my schedule shed some light on a need to switch things up. This well be addressed in short order.

I only have a few “house” rules. I have been playing on varsity, 5-minute quarters, and some adjustments for the CPU to drop passing completion percentage. I have not determined what I am going to do about recruiting, but I have kicked around the idea of only letting UGA and Texas recruit 3-star players, which should up the ante, and balance things out due to reported escalating rating statistics as the game progresses. On defense I try to play out of the base formation as much as possible, and one office I rotate through each formation (i.e. play one is called from formation one, play two is called from formation two). I am allowed to make exceptions on fourth down; assuming I am trailing or it actually makes sense to try something other than a punt. I think this will expose more of the playbooks then I might normally uncover. This strategy also may put me in a strange position where I may have to run a shotgun formation on 2nd and goal, at the two yard line, while trailing by six, instead of being able to resort to a power formation. I will tweak as necessary.

  • (1AA) Western Kentucky 0 (#16) Georgia 49
  • (#110) North Texas 21 (#2) Texas 14

There is not much to say about the Georgia game; the damage should have been much worse, but I made a couple of blunders in the red zone. Thomas Brown (HB #20) went well over the 100 yard mark in his bid for this year’s Heisman trophy. All in all I was happy to gain my first shutout with this year’s game. Next up are the cocks from USC.

I debated what to do with the North Texas/Texas game, finally opting to go with the Mean Green because I figured it would offer up a nice challenge. This one was never in doubt; I went up 7-0 before Texas equaled the score and then I went up 21-7 to start the 4th quarter. I should have put this one away, but I just missed a 38-yard field goal, and I had an attempt inside the 5-yardline blocked after I had a brain fart and forgot what to do with the damn right analog stick.

I did wonders with my impact WR, #81 (Johnny Quinn), racking up several receptions for 250+ yards and 2 TDs. Impact HB, #20 (Jamario Thomas) put up 100 yards on the ground, but that is typical for me with a good HB. Last year I would have struggled against a team like Texas, but this year it was never in doubt except for worrying about the momentum feature.

North Texas gets SMU, while Texas looks to avoid going 0-2, while hosting Ohio State. I should have a major worry spot with Ohio State; realistically I do not, so I think I am going to have to bump the game to All American before proceeding with week two.


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