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Texas LogoI guess college football is in the air because I am actually playing (not to mention writing) about a college football game, and instead of doing my usual surfing to a few specific sites looking for college football news, I have actually been spending time looking for decent sites that are off the beaten path (well, unknown to me at any rate). Enter Burnt Orange Nation, which is part of SportsBlogs Nation, which I am across last week when I discovered Dawg Sports (see Duck and Beavers posts several items down).

It has been a while since I was really juiced up about a game, and while NCAA Football 2007 is not some sort of new sliced bread, it does have me gaming, and maybe more importantly, writing again. Texas should have an interesting year, and much like last year, everything comes down to QB play. Of course last year the Horns had a certain super talented QB named Vince Young. This year hopes and dreams will come down to an unknown. I fear that the Ohio St and OU games are going to be too much for an inexperienced. Ollie would not be happy, but I am going to call for a 10-2 season, while keeping my fingers crossed for something better.

Hook ’em!


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