PSP Golf and Football

With an upcoming trip to London looming (this weekend in fact) I decided it was time to pick up something new for the PSP.  I do not think I have played the darn thing since my last trip, so it is more or less collecting dust.  In other words, nothing exciting going on with portable PSP gaming.

After work, I loaded up the kids and headed to Best Buy to see what they had to offer my PSP.  And yes, I still hate Best Buy, but it is the closest gaming store.  A long plane trip is a great reason to play Madden, but Best Buy did not have Madden ’07 in stock.  I did notice a new EA game that had various classics including Wing Commander and Road Rash.  I was tempted, but I was really looking for Madden and NASCAR.  Best Buy had neither, so on to Circuit City.  No NASCAR in site, but they did have Madden, and they also had Tiger Woods ’07 on sale for $27.99.  Joshua said something along the lines of ‘But daddy; that’s golf.’  In other words, he knew I was reaching, but I guess desperate times (a lackluster PSP library) calls for desperate measures (playing golf games).

The PSP library is just not that compelling.  I think a NASCAR game would make for a nice way to waste some time on a plane; same for football (i.e. Madden).  After that, I am not sure what else I am interested in play.  There is Loco Roco, which looks interesting, but not $39.99 interesting.  Same for GTA Vice City Stories, but that one is $49.99.  Capcom and EA have classic collections; maybe b-day presents, but I decided to go all sports for this trip.

It will be interesting to see if I finally give MLB a try, or pick up some of the other old games in my library.  It is sad when Pinball Hall of Fame is still the most played game in my library, and future purchases (or b-day presents) are classic compilations.  I think I would be more inclined to try more titles if they were priced at $19.99 – $29.99, but I am not going to try too many PSP titles if they are going to set me back $49.99 + tax (i.e. GTA Vice City Stories).


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