NCAA 2006 – A Few More Observations

I am still not sure what to make of the Race for the Heisman mode; I know I am going to be serious pissed if I win the Heisman and there are no extra bells or whistles. I will be equally disappointed if I import my player into Madden 06 (assuming I buy the latest, greatest Madden) and he (or rather I) am not worth a damn in the NFL. I will also be extremely disappointed if there are some limitations of rolling my Heisman mode into a Dynasty mode. I guess I will cross those bridges if they get in my way.

I played an awful game against Troy; while I did win 10-0, I totally sucked. Must have been the beer. Surprisingly there is still some Heisman buzz around my alter ego, but I have no idea why there was any buzz in the first place. When it comes to the NCAA series, I have always been more about running than passing, which is going to hinder my progress as a scrambling QA; sacks kill my rushing average.

In my next game vs. K-State I managed to win 27-17. OK, I admit that I padded the score by kicking a FG as time expired, but I toss it up to needing the practice. The big deal to me in this game was that I had two INTs with a LB; that almost never happed with previous versions of the game. Strangely enough the picks came on K-State’s first two possessions for the first half. The bigger news was that K-State actually mounted a 12 play, 82 yard TD drive that took almost 3 minutes. Everything about the drive was encouraging. I have been playing my Heisman mode games on 4 min quarters so I can get in plenty of games, so a 3 minute drive is a huge chunk of time. I cannot think of a single time with any of the previous games where the CPU actually mounted a 12 play drive.

I have not spent very much time looking around various message boards to see if the buzz around NCAA Football 2006 is positive or negative, but I can say that I am pretty pleased so far. I will probably stay away from most boards (as much as possible anyway) so I am not jaded by all the posts about various flaws that I have yet to uncover.


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