SEC Roundup Week 4 (Dawgs and Texas Blow …)

What a disastrous weekend for my top two teams. Georgia really sucks for the first time in years; no other way to describe a disappointing start and equally poor play. Not only is Georgia failing to grasps the basic concepts for the newly installed 3-4 defense, the Bulldogs continue to make serious mistakes (mental, turnovers, and penalties). I never thought I would say that it was time for a change at the top, but maybe this team has stopped responding to Richt. What a damn shame …

I didn’t see Texas getting throttled at the hands of UCLA. Taking one on the chin 34-12 at home is disgraceful. Before this one, everyone was talking about Texas making this a payback from the 1997 63-3 thrashing. Of course no one associated with Texas was playing or coaching on that team, so the talk was much ado about nothing. At any rate, Texas has been living on the edge the first few games, so it was time to step up or pay the price. This young Longhorn team is obviously not ready to compete.

Well, there is always North Texas (1-3, 1-0 Sun Belt) who beat Florida Atlantic (1-2, 0-1 Sun Belt) 21-17. Good to see the Mean Green get a victory.

Tennessee survived UAB in overtime. I would write about how bad Tennessee must be, but at least they have actually won two games!

St. Saban showed why he is worth the money, pulling off a nice 13 point comeback on the road over Arkansas 24-20.

Florida whipped Kentucky 48-14; no surprises here.

South Carolina put up a real fight against Auburn, but ultimately fell 27-35 on the road in a hotly contested, and equally entertaining game. I think the Ol Ball Coach screwed up royally in this one. Granted, Garcia fumbled twice, but when you get hit often and hard, you are going to eventually lay the ball on the ground. Putting in freshman backup Connor Shaw did not give the fighting chickens the best chance to win.

In non-conference play, 15 LSU defeated 22 West Virginia 20-14. Good for the Tigers. Thanks for representing the SEC in a manner that the conference deserves.

Mississippi showed some spunk laying some wood on Fresno St. 55-38. I figured Ole Miss would not show up.

Georgia (1-3, 0-3 SEC) earns the Calvert Games Shame of the Week honors, which is normally reserved for teams that embarrass the SEC in non-conference play. 24-12 at the hands of Mississippi St. (2-2, 1-2 SEC) is beyond reprehensible.

Regardless of the losses and the rough start to the 2010 campaign, the sun still came up. Go Dawgs!


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