Hook ‘Em; Sick ‘Em

Oh man, what a heck of a weekend for college football. First, the Dawgs survived a tough game against the fighting chickens from South Carolina. And then my Long Horns just managed took out Ohio State 25-22.

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Where to begin? I think I am too drunk off of football euphoria to do much with this one tonight. Let’s just say that I told several people that the Dawgs may be in for a fight because too many people were worrying about revenge vs. the Old Ball Coach. I do not have huge expectations for the Dawgs this year, but surely this one could be attributed to over confidence. Then again, maybe Shockley just sucks.

What about Texas? I think I predicted something like a 22-17 victory for the Horns. The key was always going to be if Vince could have some success in the air, and he did throw around the ball enough to keep things interesting. Of course the Longhorn’s defense also managed to do the “bend, but don’t break thing” the entire game. Hell of a game, and Vince Young is truly the man. This is one of the best games I have seen in recent memory. I am sure Kevin is suffering, but gosh darn it, what a heck of a game.

Even my adopted team (North Texas) came through with a 14-7 victory over Middle Tennessee state to continue the Mean Green’s dominance of the Sun Belt conference.

Enough for tonight. Hook ’em; sick ’em! What a night!


One thought on “Hook ‘Em; Sick ‘Em”

  1. Eh, you win some, you lose some! At least we won one of "those" games in Jan. of 2003!

    Great game. Buckeyes couldn’t put them away with ample chances. It’s time to pick one mediocre QB and stick with him.

    Vince is impressive. Big, fast, physical, and he CAN pass. He’s a talent.

    I was happy to see that OSU appears to be for real this year, though. They really could’ve won that one against one of the better teams in the country. Time to put that one behind us, and look forward to trying to run the table. We can’t control what happens with the National title, but I’d be happy to win the Big 10, and of course, destroy the puke-helmets from up north!

    Congrats to your teams… Just about everybody I like got pounded this weekend! :-)


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