NCAA Football 10 – Prerelease post.

I am trying not to second guess myself about not preordering NCAA Football 10, and more importantly, abstaining for this year’s release. Since my PS3 is off in unknown parts of Texas getting repaired it is a lot easier to show will power. Or is it?

I keep trying to talk myself out of getting the PSP version. That one does not really count, does it? When I made my declaration of “no NCAA Football this year” I was really talking about the big brother version, right?

Oh well, just a day before the pending release, there are several things I am not doing …

  • I am not looking at the “I got it early” threads.
  • For that matter, I am not even visiting forums of any sort.
  • I am not looking for early reviews.
  • I am not looking for bloggers with hands-on day one type impressions.

When I think about it, I find it rather amazing that I am actually sitting on the sidelines waiting this one out. I almost do not know what to do with all this free time on my hands. With all that said, at the very least I am damn curious about the PSP version, and since my current PSP library is down to exactly zero sports games, I may have to take a couple of sneak peeks later in the week.


Lindy’s Southeastern 2009 Annual Comments.

Typical football annual containing what you would expect – a rundown of SEC teams, some predictions, recruiting updates, All-America Team selections, some cheerleader hotties, and a few random articles.

Besides focusing on the SEC, this annual also contains a rundown of Conference USA and the Sun Belt. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that North Texas did not get a preview. You ask why would I care? For a couple of reasons. As long time readers know, the Mean Green is sort of my adopted school. It’s my dad’s alma mater, and several years ago I picked it for my NCAA Football Chronicles series.

I thought that Louisiana Tech, a WAC school, was included by accident, but it is listed in the table of contents, it is the last team preview in the annual, and North Texas is MIA. Un-f’ing real. I guess La Tech is more Southeastern than North Texas, but seriously. Now I want to get a version of NCAA Football and repeatedly beat the shit out these Bulldogs.

The depth charts and rosters, at least for Georgia, are more or less current up to and including the Spring Games. Will Tavarres King start opposite of A.J. Green, or will it be Michael Moore or someone else? Of course more accurate and up to date info is available via the internet, but that takes away all the fun of reading the yearly publications.

I picked up this annual because (A) I usually pick up Lindy’s for SEC coverage, (B) Georgia’s A.J. Green was on the cover, and (C) I am ready for college football. For $6.99 this is more or less what I expect in an annual, but the omission of North Texas is inexcusable. You either cover the Sun Belt or you do not, so I really do not get this gaffe.


Looking towards Madden 10.

I recently sold my Madden 2009 Collector’s Edition in preparation of the next yearly Madden installment. What is going to make this year different than any other? After all, with each Madden release I relive the “been there, done that” experience. Last year I completely wasted $90; never got into Head Coach 2009 and while Madden 2009 was a decent PS3 effort it was just not enough to capture me by the shorthairs and really get my attention.

Truth be told, this seems to be the story of the various Madden releases over the last few years. I get them on Day 1, play them for a few weeks, then real football starts and Madden gets put aside for NCAA Football or other activities.

GameShark has an excellent, in-depth interview with this year’s Madden team, and it gives me great hope that Madden 10 will be different. In a good way.

The experience out of the box (Pro mode) is tuned towards a more offensive style of play – longer time in the pocket, receivers get open more easily, more tackles are broken, etc., to make sure that everyone can have a really good time from the first time they boot up. Once you make the switch to All-Pro though, we really wanted to juice up the realism – accurate 40 times, accurate time in the pocket (3-5 seconds), etc. We want our All-Pro experience to really invoke another layer of strategy and planning – it shouldn’t only be about who has the best twitch skills. Football is much more of a chess match than any other sport…we can’t ignore that part of the game if we want to be the ultimate NFL simulation. I personally want Joe Cowboys Fan to be able to play Madden (and win) thanks to his knowledge of the game and strategy, and not be hampered if his “gaming skill” isn’t up to par.

These days my “gaming skill” sucks. If Madden 10 can pull off a decent simulation that makes football fans and joystick jockeys (does this term still apply) happy, then we could have a very interesting Madden on the way.

The comments about using the Dolphins Chad Pennington vs. Pat White to see the differences between QB ratings for arm strength and accuracy (short vs. mid vs. long distances) is extremely encouraging. In fact, the whole article in encouraging. Fans wanting some dose of reality with player attributes, something that separates one player from the next are going to be happy that the number of 90+ overall rating players has been dramatically reduced.

Take CB speed for example. I did a rating analysis on this to start out the Madden NFL 10 pre-production cycle and discovered that every CB in the game had between 87-99 SPD in Madden NFL 09. I looked further, nearly 80% of ALL CB’s fell between 4 ratings points (88-92)! It’s pretty obvious that you aren’t going to see or feel any major differences out there in gameplay with them being so similar. The range now starts at 75-99, with a far greater number of CBs now in the low to mid 80’s.

The Online Franchise mode is the “big” addition for this year. I am not sure if I will get into this or not, but there is promise of lots of different ways to play. The fact that I can actually do a single player online franchise is interesting because that will be so much easier than the old fashion Chronicles way from back in the day.

The only downside to franchise mode seems to be that it is limited to 10 seasons. I could not tell from the interview if this is specific to online franchises or offline as well; it was mentioned in the context of online franchises, but I bet it is a limitation for on or offline modes. Except for simulating a long run of seasons, these days I do not have time to actually play through multiple seasons so this is probably a non issue for me as well as most gamers.

Looks like in-game saves did not make the cut. I can only hope for a nice handy accelerated clock feature to speed the game along.

If you have not already seen the interview, take a few minutes to check it out. Plenty of info there to wet your appetite for Madden 10. I hope that we are not in for a serious letdown.

Heading to Amazon to preorder.


Saying no to NCAA Football 10.

Color me brave, but for the first time in forever [seriously] I am skipping the yearly release of NCAA Football. Why? I suppose there are a few reasons in no particular order.

  • The NCAA Football franchise has grown stale and is going in the wrong direction. Last year was a far cry from the 2000 and 2001 glory days of the PSX, which was probably the last time I really enjoyed NCAA Football. Other than the inevitable eye candy that came with the PS2 and PS3 releases, the NCAA franchise is a non starter for me.
  • I am too damn old to master two football games. Unlike the olden days, before the family multiplied like rabbits, I just do not have the time or energy to dedicate to multiple football games.
  • I love college football and will write all day long about Georgia and Texas. I actually have Falcons Season Tickets so I am a little more connected to the NFL. More up front and personal, which means I can predict that in November I will still be playing Madden while NCAA will be collecting dust or worse.
  • I have to be more financially responsible with my game purchases. Gone are the days when I could give a shit about throwing $100-120 bones on the table for football games. I actually need to get value for my gaming dollar. Good Lord, I am your typical Joe Blow consumer. What have I come too?
  • I no longer live in the game reviewer space, so I can ignore and alienate a major gaming segment. Screw you! Yes, it feels good to be released from the shackles of review-dom.

I could probably come up with other reasons, but for the first time in the history of EA’s NCAA Football franchise, I am going to pass. No thanks. So there. Holding my breath. Have to be strong and brave the storm of first day reviews, forum rantings and ravings, and not being part of the “in crowd.” This year I am going to concentrate on Madden and live in peace with the decision. Of course there is the PSP version, but that is for another day.


College Football Annuals.

Every year I swear off purchasing college football annuals, but like spring turns to summer, the anticipation of a new football season brings me back to another round of purchases. Then of course there is the hope that the next yearly installment of EA Sports’ NCAA Football will bring football nirvana into my living room.

Each year I struggle to break the cycle, and this year is no different. These days I rarely visit brick and mortar bookstores, but after taking the family out for pizza (and beer for mommy and daddy), we checked out the bookstore right around the corner. Kid. Candy story. Me. OK, it was a bookstore, but you get the picture. A plethora of football annuals were on display, but I showed some restraint and limited myself to three of my traditional favorites. I picked up the Athlon Sports Southeastern 2009 Preview, Lindy’s Southeastern 2009 Preview, and of course Phil Steele’s 2009 College Football Preview is must read material.

Maybe one year I will break the cycle, but not today. Not this year. 2009 is another lost cause.

I think it is finally time to put in my NCAA Football 2010 pre-order. PS3 or PSP? Or Both? Decisions are like drinking beer. As the night goes on the decisions become easier, the beer gets better, while the tab continues to climb. Something like that.


Monday Gaming Stuff.

These days I get gaming in very small doses. The same goes for looking at videogame centric sites. Hell, I cannot remember the last time I even logged onto a videogame forum. Right now, that is just not my cup of tea. I have such little time to play games; I cannot be bothered to read about them, much less write about my gaming experiences.

What has changed over the last 18-24 months? Well, lots. For starters, I just realized that E3 was last week (maybe the week before last … not that I care). I also let my Official PlayStation Magazine subscription expire. I am not up to date on the latest Qore downloads. I have not preordered the twin football releases of NCAA Football 2010 and Madden 2010.

Things are different, but you will notice that I am actually writing about gaming. What gives? I still enjoy the hobby; I just do not find that much spare time – probably has something to do with work and having three boys. Usually real life events get my gaming jones churning. Last weekend, Le Mans got me into some video game racing. I even ordered a new game. Hmmm …

Over the weekend I started looking for a new racing game. I was really curious if a new F1 game was going to be published, but the best I can tell is that the PS3 version by Codemasters is either unconfirmed or cancelled. Oh, that was when I came across Ferrari Challenge. One thing led to another, and I started reading news about this that and the other, which was when I realized that I missed E3!

There was a time and place when that would never have happed. I even attended E3 years ago when it had a two year run in Atlanta. I realize that E3 is no longer as important as it once was, but it was a sort of reality check that I was so far removed from gaming that I did not give a shit that E3 had come and gone. Strange times …

One of the E3 related spin off bits that I read about this morning was the pricy new PSPgo. My PSP does nothing except collect dust, so a new PSP seems in order. I keep debating if I should sell mine and convert over to a Nintendo DSi, but I cannot convince myself to but bait and take a loss. At any rate, at first glance this newest revision of the PSP seems ill conceived. The system price point is too high, the game downloads are too expensive, and the downloaded selections are rather limited. This commentary from Sports Legends points out all these problems and more:

But the truth is that I would consider paying that much if, and only if, I knew my long term investment would pay off in lots of cool digital-only toys. If the PlayStation store was ready to go with lots of cool applications for the PSP, a system that screams for just such products, I wouldn’t even mind paying a little more for the really premium content. But, from Sony, nothing. It’s like putting a Porsche body on a Chrysler LeBaron and selling trying to sell it for $200,000.

To be blunt,if I’m on a budget I go with Nintendo’s continued DS juggernaut and if I’m looking for a technology novelty or vanity piece of hardware, I get an iPhone or iPod touch with access to an absolutely obscene amount of applications.

Love that Chrysler LeBaron quote! I had a good friend in college that could barely keep his LeBaron going, but man was he proud of that car.

Print magazines such as the Official PlayStation Magazine are antiquated. Except for quality reading time on the throne, I am not sure what they offer, but it still feels odd no longer having any video game magazine subscriptions. Well, I suppose that is not quite right because I do have a digital subscription to Qore. I think that one runs out in July or August, which gives me plenty of time to catch up on the last seven months of downloads.

I think the biggest nut chaser has to be that I have not bothered to order a 2010 EA football game release. I am somewhat torn here. First, do I have the time to take on a new football game, much less two? Second, do I really want to spend $120+ tax just to see if anything changes? Finally, do I try to get a few bucks for my 20th Anniversary Madden while it is still worth $15-20? I got rid of last year’s NCAA Football in enough time to collect close to half price, but it is far too late for last year’s Madden. The real travesty is that I am not even close to getting my $90 worth out of the Head Coach/Madden experience.

Finally, there is the whole “will it even work” thing that I have going against me. My PS3 is as fickle as a teenage school girl. Some days it plays discs, and others it just ignores my advances (err … you know what I mean … the drive will not read games, movies, etc). Right now I do not think I am going to bother sending it off for costly repairs. Replacing it with a new version that does not have the proper PS2 Emotion Engine emulation hardware does not seem like a good option. Besides all that, money for a system repair or system replacement would be better spent of a tailgating grill for the upcoming Falcons season.

So where does this leave us? I am not really sure, but this is a start.


Madden 09 Countdown (3 days).

Madden 09I was just about to pre-order the Madden 09 Collectors Edition from ebgames, but decided against it because the total price was a shocking $108.58 ($89.99 + $11.49 Next Day Shipping + $7.10 Tax). I decided that I did not need the game next day that bad. Seriously, there was a time and a place where I had to have games on the release day, but it is not like I am doing the Madden Holiday thing.

At any rate I decided to take my shopping pleasures over to Amazon. After all, I have the Prime thing going for me, so next day shipping is cheap (forget the exact amount – something under $4). Plus Amazon does not charge sales tax. The only downside of using Amazon for videogames is that you never get them on release day. Hey, I am sensible; I just talked myself out of needed games on the release day.

Imagine my surprise to see a new shipping option (automatically selected for my happy self): “Release-Date Delivery Aug 12.” That is not the kicker; release-date delivery is free. Wow! You have to love Amazon Prime. I just saved 18.58, which absolutely makes me giddy.

In three days Madden 09 Collectors Edition will show up on my front porch for $89.99. No shipping charges, no tax, no wasted gas going to a brick-and-mortar, no waiting. It is all about me.


NCAA Football 09 Discussions (Eye Candy)

I have been participating in a fun discussion over at the If you want to read some intelligent, diverse discussion on the game, check out this thread.

Tori Praver © SI

Whats more delicious? Tori Praver or NCAA Football 09? – ©

I am biased, but I think my last comments in the thread (check out page 10) were pretty much on the mark, but your mileage may vary:

“In general, I think the game is fun. Warts and all. Hell, I could pick out flaws in any game, it’s just that some of the ones in NCAA Football are glaring. Besides, I am very passionate about college football.

This is a guess, because I am not part of the mass market, casual gamer crowd … at least not yet. I think the focus groups (or whatever EA uses for these types of things) decided that gamers want high scoring games. Focus on offense. Focus on big plays, exciting hits, and high powered offense.

Look at the Madden tournaments as examples of offense out of control. Those games would feature higher scoring if the games featured longer quarters.

The truth is that we, the more niche sports videogame simulation fan, enjoy defense, ball control, running the option, etc. It is not what everyone else wants, so the majority rules. We can only hope that sliders allow us to adjust the game closer to our liking. Big oops this year on the sliders.”

Anyway, the rest of the thread is a good read. Check it out. And yes, I have been looking for an excuse to throw up more eye candy.


Navy (#71) 14 – Tulsa (#74) 19 (NCAA Chronicles 2005, Season 1, Week 4)

This is the game that may have driven me to the breaking point with NCAA Football 2005. I have not picked up the game since because of the ridiculous QB sack issue – see a NCAA Football 2005 – QB Sacks (and Cheating AI) for more info. At this point I am not sure if I will continue this series. Can you say eBay? I thought you could. Oh well, on to the game, which was actually played three weeks ago, but just now recorded because of my disgust with the sack issue.

I figured that this game would be fairly easy for me, but I should have known I was in trouble when the game presented me with a bright-sunny day and 25MPH winds. Passing and kicking would prove difficult.

I could not move the ball through the air (7-12 for 65 yards) while Tulsa seemingly moved the ball at will racking up 181 yards in the air on 7-17 passing. It was rather depressing to give up big play after big play, yet completely control every other aspect of the game. In the end our downfall was our dreadful attempt to protect our QBs, as Tulsa racked up 9 (count ’em, 9) sacks. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

There is no point to belaboring the damage; on to the statistics.

               1st   2nd   3rd   4th   |  Final
Navy            0     7    7     0     |  14
Tulsa           6     7    6     0     |  19

The wind was responsible for Tulsa missing an extra point in the first quarter, and a couple of missed field goals for my beleaguered kicker (he is having an awful year). As I said earlier, sacks were the story and the main reason that we could not put it all together. Third down conversions were terrible (23%), mostly due to sack after sack. It was horrible to watch, and even worse to experience. This was a game we should have won, but in the end Tulsa won on the scoreboard which is all that really matters.

The defense played well enough, but Tulsa managed to get big plays when it mattered. We have much work to do on pass defense in the coming weeks.

                   Navy           Tulsa
Score              14             19
1st Downs          15             6
Total Offense      219            204
Rush-Yards         46-154         12-23
Comp-ATT-TD        7-12-0         7-17-2
Passing Yards      65             181
Other interesting Navy stats/figures/numbers
3-13 (33%) 3rd down efficiency
3-2-0 (66%) in the redzone (redzone-TD-FG)
TOP 17:44 – 6:16
Sacks 9-1 in Tulsa’s favor
3 penalties (30 yards); Tulsa had no penalties
Next up: #87 Vanderbilt (0-2)

NCAA Football 2005 – QB Sacks (and Cheating AI)

A lot of gamers have claimed that NCAA 2005 took a step (or three) backwards this year. Most of the problems center around passing problems; both the ability for human players to complete passes, the CPU AI’s lack of ability to come up with a half-way decent attempt to completion percentage, and super human DBs that cover way too much ground.

I think I have done a good job of overcoming difficulties in the passing game. I can put together 50% (or higher) completion percentage days with ease. The CPU does a much worse job, unless the school is an “elite” school with a renowned passing attack, but there are still too many dropped passes.

I can live with both problems, but it is downright irritating that the game still suffers from the “QB sack” problem. Just what is this problem? Human players can almost never get a pass off as the CPU is about to sack your QB. I could live with this problem if it also affected the CPU, but it does not. Time and time again my QB starts the throw motion, even getting so far as 75% (or more) through the animation, only to tuck the ball back and take a sack. The frustrating part of this is that the CPU manages to get balls off, even throwing the ball away, out of bounds, after the QB is wrapped up by my defensive player. I have watch replays where the CPU QB is completely wrapped up, but manages to throw the ball way with a strange underarm throwing animation. In short, it sucks.

I am not saying that I cannot sack CPU QBs, I can. My frustration is that the CPU is allowed to get away with blatant cheating. I cannot stand it when a game is created in such a way that the CPU is able to do things that I cannot. I can live with some of the other problems such as super fast CPU defenders that are able to cover an ungodly amount of ground in a single bound, and I can even live with some of the dropped passes. The “QB sack” problem grates on me because it has been in at least the last four versions.

I sincerely hope that EA considers addressing this problem, as well as other issues, in the inevitable follow-up next July.


Northeastern 14 – Navy (#78) 31 (NCAA Chronicles 2005, Season 1, Week 3)

Another week, another infraction to take care of; this time CB #23 was recommended for a 3 game suspension due to academic infractions (bad grades). I said the heck with that – this is Navy, so I only suspended the guy for a quarter.

I did not know what to expect with Northeastern. I figured it would be easy, but that never seems to be the case with my games. I let them stick around a little longer than I should have, and once again my experimentation at the end of the game (once in hand) almost cost me. With that said, there were really no worries with this one.

Week 3
#5 Georgia 20 – South Carolina 12
USC remains #1

It is obvious by now that I can run the ball and control the clock. The risk of running an option attack is playing from behind, having to come from behind. Luckily we outclassed our opponent, so we did not have to worry about coming from behind. I do worry about our ability to come back if and when we are trailing somewhere down the road.

The game was rather mundane, but a scary moment happened when my starting QB (#6) went down with an injury in the 2nd quarter (he later returned after the half). My backup came in cold off the bench – 3:18 to play in the half, 16 yard line, 4th and 10. My back (QB #2) easily took the ball in for a TD on the next play. Looks like I may have a capable backup.

I should have had 3 more points, but my kicker was slightly short on a FG attempt at the end of the half, clanking the ball off the crossbar. And it was a resounding clank. At this point I was up 24-7 so the game was as good as over so I decided to let the backups see some action, and to experiment with some of the lesser used plays in my playbook.

               1st   2nd   3rd   4th   |  Final
Northeastern   0     7     0     7     |  14
Navy           10    14    0     7     |  31

Once again I did well passing, but the passes are really there to help with the run; I mostly roll out looking to run and rarely throwing unless my target is very open. My offensive line is giving up way too many sacks; this will hurt me at some point down the road.

                   Northeastern   Navy
Score              14             31
1st Downs          11             21
Total Offense      241            356
Rush-Yards         15-(66)        47-231
Comp-ATT-TD        9-32-1         8-15
Passing Yards      175            125

Sophomore SS #25 was named Defensive Player of the Week (for Independents) – 2 Tackles, 2 INTS, 1 TD

My starting QB (#6) continues to do a bang up job of leading our option attack. He had a 123.3 QB rating, and while he was only 8-15 passing, there were 2 recorded dropped passes.

We really improved on 3rd downs, and we easily won the turnover battle. We have to get better in the redzone – I have to make sure I do well in the red zone because each drive is important when you run a ball control offense.

Other interesting Navy stats/figures/numbers
7-13 (53%) 3rd down efficiency
6-3-1 (66%) in the redzone (redzone-TD-FG)
TOP 8:08 – 15:52
Turnovers 4 – 1 in Navy’s favor
Next up: Navy travels to #74 Tulsa (1-1)
Combined Opponent Record: 2-5

Duke (#94) 14 – Navy (#88) 24 (NCAA Chronicles 2005, Season 1, Week 2)

First let me get the preliminary stuff out of the way. I decided to go with Navy because in all my years of NCAA Football I have never played with them so Navy should be a fresh experience. Second, I like the idea of an independent school – I am not tied to a league as I would have been with my traditional NCAA Football favorites – North Texas, Texas, SMU, and Georgia. Navy starts the year (in NCAA 2005) ranked #88 – so there is a challenge. Finally, Navy runs an option offense, and I love me some option offense.

I am playing on All-American, 6 minute quarters, with heavily tuned sliders. I will discuss these in a later post. NCAA 2005 does have a tendency to drop too many passes, but I have found slider settings that compensate well enough to give me an enjoyable gamplay experience.

One thing I am doing different this year is not listing player names for default players. I will go with number for current roster players, and names for new players. I can go into reasons in a later post.

Week 1 was a bye week for Navy. I’ll post recaps every of other games each week to keep the flavor interesting.

Week 1
USC 62 – Virginia Tech 28
USC had 511 Total Yards in a total Hokie
Week 2
Georgia 42 – Georgia Southern 7
LSU 35 – Oregon State 32

Prior to getting started with my first game I had to take care of some NCAA rules violations. FS #33 (I cannot list these guys names since they are serving our country) was recommended for a 3 game suspension due to Fraud/Team Rules Infractions. At the time I did not realize that he was one of my key players (74 overall rating). I took the recommendation and told the kid to sit for three games.

       1st   2nd   3rd   4th   |  Final
Duke   0     7     0     7     |  14
Navy   10    7     7     0     |  24

Out of the game I dominated with a strong option attack, getting my primary backs (QB, HB, FB, WB) involved quickly. Duke struggled time and again with the option, and play-action passes were easily setup and completed as Duke cheated against the run. The option is a beautiful thing when implemented correctly – truly the option is the great equalizer in college football.

                   Duke           Navy
Score              14             24
1st Downs          10             15
Total Offense      160            263
Rush-Yards         12-(-5)        38-186
Comp-ATT-TD        11-36-2        8-17
Passing Yards      165            77

Obviously the passing completions to attempts for Duke were not too hot. I’ll have to give it a few more games to see if more adjustments can be (or should be) made. I have figured out how to pass, but the CPU just does not put up a good ratio.

I was actually doing very well with my passing attack (7-11) before I started experimenting towards the end of the game. I was up 24-7 and decided to get creative; I’ll have to be more cautious next time as my excitement got the better of me and resulted in an INT and two wasted series.

There was nothing really exciting to report in the game – I kept the ball on the ground and pounded the heck out of Duke’s defense. I completed just enough passes to keep Duke off balance, but I have to get better with third down conversions. My offensive line can run, but pass blocking was lackluster, as my guys up front gave up 3 sacks.

Other interesting Navy stats/figures/numbers
1-10 (10%) 3rd down efficiency
3-4 (75%) 4th down efficiency
4-3-1 (100%) in the redzone (redzone-TD-FG)
TOP 7:43 – 16:17
Turnovers 1 – 1

NCAA 2005 Schedule Bug?

Now that college football has officially kicked-off, consummated by UGA’s 48-28 victory over Georgia Southern, I have decided to once again “chronicle” a NCAA Dynasty. Despite much clamoring on vagrant message boards about the brokenness of this years NCAA football title, I am finding much success, and once again enjoying the college football experience.

First article should be up shortly. I will keep everyone in suspense for a little while longer. I will say that I did not use UGA because it is too easy for me to win with them (on All-American), and I did not pick North Texas (kind of old hat now, plus playing with/as QB Andrew Smith, who died August 7 in a traffic incident, would be disconcerting), and I did not go with SMU again, because, well, there is not much love there. Anyway, more to come.

I noticed that USC played BYU in week #2 (September 4), which is incorrect in real life because BYU just beat Notre Dame. Must be a strange scheduling fluke. Anyone else see this strange scheduling mistake (playing with PS2 version)? I restarted several times just to see if it really was a fluke, but it looks like the scheduled are always set to not have Notre Dame travel to BYU in week #2 of Dynasty Season 1.