BCS Prediction

I am going to be a contrarian with my prediction; 27-23 Florida, which the go ahead TD coming in the final 5 minutes of the game.  We have see what Tressel can do against top teams (and in big games), but no so much with Meyer.  I just have to believe that this whole “Florida does not belong” thing is going to be a huge motivation for the Gators.  I know I am an SEC homer, but I just do not see the blowout that some pundits are predicting.


One thought on “BCS Prediction”

  1. Anybody that watched the Michigan USC game could see this coming a mile away. The Big 10 is slow. The Big 12 is slower. 82 yards (or something like that) in total offense. The surprising thing to me is that OSU was also out coached in the game.

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