ATL 2012 Draft Rounds 5-7: Falcons Add Depth and Captains

With nothing to do in the 4th round … the Falcons front office had plenty of time to firm up there strategy for the last day of the draft. It’s apparent that the Falcons went after need (and depth) instead of going the “best player available” route.

So how did the Falcons do? I haven’t looked for different draft “grades” – I’m sure I will later today, especially as all the big boy media outlets start letting fans know their teams did in the 2012 draft.

My overall thoughts are the Falcons addressed their glaring needs on both sides of the ball, and in the process managed to land the top rated center and the only true fullback invited to the combine. The Falcons four selections in rounds 5-7 include three team captains; the Falcons continue to build around “character” which is OK in my book. Overall, while unspectacular, the Falcons had a pretty good draft.

Bradie Ewing – FB Wisconsin
Ewing, a team captain at Wisconsin, was taken in the 5th round, and was the only true fullback invited to the Combine.

Atlanta’s selection of Wisconsin fullback Bradie Ewing in the fifth round might not seem like a big deal on the surface. For now, Ewing is probably nothing more than a special-teams player. But the Falcons also were looking a year or two down the road when they made this pick. Veteran fullback Ovie Mughelli is coming off a major injury, and he’ll turn 32 in June. It was time to find someone to groom as Mughelli’s eventual successor.

Going into the offseason, you had to consider that Ovie Mughelli would be a cap causality. I’m surprised he has last this long into 2012 without some sort of contract restructure.

Jonathan Massaquoi – DE Wisconsin
I admit I know next to nothing about Massaquoi other than having some recognition of his last name.

Massaquoi is from Lawrenceville and played at Central Gwinnett High School. He is a cousin of former Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and NFL tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings.

“Troy is a building program,” Massaquoi said. “We had five straight conference championships. We went for our sixth one this year, but fell short. With Troy producing defensive ends like Osi Umenyiora and DeMarcus Ware, hopefully I can be put into that conversation and follow their tradition.”

I like Massaquoi’s confidence, and the Troy connection, if he is anything like Osi or DeMarcus would make Massaquoi a six round steal.

Charles Mitchell – S Mississippi St.
Another team captain, Mitchell probably projects as a special-teams player; I doubt he will be anything else in the immediate future.

Travian Robertson – DT South Carolina
The Falcons selected Travian Robertson, yet another team captain, with their last pick (7th round; 249 overall). Based on his size and bio, I think Robertson has a realistic shot to get a few reps at DT and contribute on special-teams.

What does it all mean?
The Falcons intend to never fail to convert on another 4th and short situation. In other words, the Falcons bulked up on both sides of the line, while building for the future.


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