Independence Day – Happy 4th

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend – baseball, cold blue cans of wonderment, and of course eye candy.


July 4th amiclubwear eyecandy ©amiclubwear - probably

God bless America!


I have had a great long weekend – plenty of gaming action, two cookouts, and family movie night with the third Pirates Blu-ray. Today we are doing an extended family lunch at our favorite local Mexican joint; seems a little anti-American to eat Mexican on the 4th, but I digress.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday!


6 thoughts on “Independence Day – Happy 4th”

  1. Ok, seriously, that it was of the prettiest young ladies I’ve ever seen… I suppose they all look like that in SEC country, don’t they?! :-)

  2. I was so stupefied by her picture that I couldn’t even type my message correctly! :-)

    She is mesmerizing… I can’t think of another post that could top her, LOL.

  3. Good description. I was actually going to bump her (down the page that is), but had a major HDD crash. Just now getting things up and rolling again …

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