Coach Calvert

This morning I completed my certification to coach U6 soccer in GA; at least according to the Georgia State Soccer Association. The course was only 4 hours, but it was actually entertaining, informative, and educational.

I played soccer for several years growing up, so I know the rules, theory, and all, but I had no idea how to “teach” soccer. I think this course will go a long ways towards helping. All of the drills should help the kids develop a sense of the game, and develop their skills in a fun, practical way. Hopefully.

Interesting enough, we ran drills for about 90 minutes, and surely enough I am bitterly out of shape. Man that sucks. I celebrated on the way home by picking up a chocolate malt from Sonic. I mean, why fight the power?

Wish me luck with the kids!


5 thoughts on “Coach Calvert”

  1. Wow, you had to get a coaching license?! You boys must take your soccer seriously down there! Keep us posted; we coaches can always learn from each other!


  2. Kevin, we do not have to get a coaching license, but I wanted to take the certification course for Joshua’s age group (U6). I am glad I did. As I said, I learned a lot and had a good time in the process. I play to take the other certification courses if Joshua continues to play.

    The league pays for the certification courses if you agree to coach for a year … the U6 is free because the state wants to encourage parents and coaches to "start off right."

  3. That sounds like a good program! When I first started out, I took a 5 hour course put on by Flash. It was nothing "official," but it did help me start off on the right foot.


  4. Kevin, this class was nice because it had a ton of drills that were actually fun. I wish Joshua’s team would have done these last fall.

    I was worried about coaching because I have never coached before, but these drills are fresh, and I think the kids will enjoy them. The kids should learn almost everything they need to know at thier age without realizing that I am actually teaching them. I think that is the way it should be done.

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