PS3 Protection Plan – Thanks Sony. Appreciate the Support.

I meant to post this last weekend when I was doing my YLoD project. Sony is now considerate enough to let us consumers buy an extended warranty for Sony’s PS3 and PSP systems. According to IGN

The PS3 protection plans start at $44.99 for an additional year and jump to $59.99 for two years. A year of extra coverage on the PSP costs $29.99 while two years will set you back $39.99. Want the Accidental Damage plan, which includes the standard PSP protection plan? That’s $39.99 for a year or $49.99 for two years.

Interesting that Sony is taking this tactic after the original (non-slim) models are no longer available in retail. The assumption that I have to make is that the Slim models are reliable or Sony would not make this sort of move. I cannot recall hearing or reading about PSP/PSP Go failures.

Bottom line is that extended warranties are usually a waste of time and effort. Sony would not go out on a limb for $45 if they thought the Slim would run into Blu-ray, YLoD, or any of the other common ailments that have plagued the original PS3 systems. Sony knows that issues like YLoD are a serious problem, but instead of facing the issue head-on, many consumers were left holding a bag of crap. But guess what? If you “upgrade” to a Slim, not only do you get a striped down PS3 system lacking many of the original PS3 bells and whistles including PS2 hardware compatibility, you can buy some additional protection for a system that is probably not at all prone to failure. Smart move Sony.


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