Braves Back In The Hunt?

Are the Braves really only 1.5 out of first place, with a 25-22 record? The way things started, I thought the Braves were going to be in for a long, miserable farewell season for Cox. If Atlanta could just figure out how to win on the road (13-6 home vs. 12-16 road record), they may actually be a contender past the All-Star break.

The hitting has been miserable at best; thanks to some timely hits, and the emergence of soon to be Rookie of the Year Jason Heyward, Atlanta has been able to scratch out a few unlikely wins. If the pitching can hold up, and really if Derek Lowe can get into a quality form, I think this team just may be able to pull off something special.

Of course it is way early days to be talking playoffs and such, but it is encouraging to wake up on the eve of Memorial Day weekend and see the Braves well within striking distance of first in the NL East!


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