Out of the Park Baseball carries me through a dry spell.

I may going into a more detailed off topic (“Stuffs”) post over the weekend discussing what I have been up to and how I spent my time during my recent sabbatical … er Spring Break.

The PS3 has not been on except for some Blu-ray goodness, and the PSP has been stowed away since my last business trip the first week in March.

I have been play OOTPX/OOTP10 (online league) and have been getting familiar with the new OOTP11. I never would have guessed that a PC “game” would carry me during a down gaming cycle, but the OOTP series has legs. After taking a few versions off from the series, I have really enjoyed OOTP10 and I believe that OOTP11 may be the most exciting version since OOTP6.5.

When I have some time I will post some comments on OOTP11; or maybe at least see if there is a review or two that cover most of my opinions on the game. Believe it or not, I have not even looked for a review, jumped on any forums, or done any research on OOTP11. Strange times indeed.


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