Falcons Almost on the Clock

So where will the Falcons turn? They need serious help along the d-line, linebacker is also a need. The popular mock drafts so far have the Falcons taking LB Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri) or DE Everson Griffen (USC). Some drafts even have the Falcons taking WR Demaryius Thomas (Georgia Tech); however I do not see the Falcons going offense in the 1st Round.

Remember that the Falcons got Curtis Loften in the 2nd round, so it is possible to get a Mike Peterson replacement in the 2nd round, however Atlanta traded their 2nd round pick to Kansas City for Tony G.

The Falcons draft depends on which direction some of the team immediately in front of them go – Seattle, New York Giants, and Tennessee all need help along the d-line. If there is a rush of the guys the Falcons rate highly, I can see Weatherspoon being the Falcons’ pick. I could also see a case where ATL tires to trade down in order to pick up a 2nd round pick, but I doubt they can find a dancing partner because the 19th hole is just too middle of the pack.

Cannot wait for tonight to see how it all unfolds!


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