PS3 Becoming the Sex Console

In the latest sex article to grace a PS3 site, PlayStation LifeStyle details the God of War III “mini sex” game via the ESRB write-up of what is in store for overzealous sex starved gamers.

The game contains a sex mini-game. Players will encounter a goddess and her two hand maidens, all topless, all holding and caressing each other. If players wish to, they may join the goddess (and only the goddess) in bed. Actual sex is never depicted as the camera drifts, then fixes on the two maidens, who watch from a distance. As players respond to the on-screen prompts with button presses, the topless maidens will continue to watch, and sometimes caress. Moaning sounds from the bed can be heard throughout the sequence.

Good times. I guess I am going to have to pre-order now. Probably.


2 thoughts on “PS3 Becoming the Sex Console”

  1. Heard Heavy Rain has R-rated content too.

    But there was some Tecmo game for Xbox which featured girl fighters in bikinis, jiggling around.

    Yawn, the tech just isn’t there. What’s the point.

    There is some innuendo in Uncharted 2.

    All those teen gamers are now adults but till gaming.

  2. Heavy Rain does have R-rated content; at least the demo does. When the game arrives next Tuesday I expect to be able to write that Heavy Rain is in fact the first adult game – concepts, themes, sex, nudity, implementation of a gaming experience – to land on a console. The Atari 2600 Custer game does not count!

    Your last sentence is where this is heading on the PS3 … and I assume at some point on the 360. For a long time nudity has been the ultimate video game taboo – now the barrier is breaking down.

    It is kind of interesting to see where things are headed, but it is always worth a laugh to read the ESRB write-ups!

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